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Keyword Phrases in Gallery Web Pages and Alt Text

How do I place keyword phrases in my gallery web pages?

At, when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is possible to load your gallery web pages with keywords and more importantly, keyword phrases.

For example, when it comes to your website, you can consider creating the following types of galleries:

  • Photo gallery
  • Product gallery
  • Product catalogue listing
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions)
  • Glossary (plain English descriptions of technical terms)


Once again, this section is broken into 3 main elements:

  1. Gallery 'Page titles'
  2. Gallery 'Main text'
  3. Gallery 'Alt text'

1. Gallery 'Page titles'
In the interest of efficiency, we will try to avoid the repeating information which has been presented in the 'Web pages' section.

The principle of loading your page titles with keyword phrases is exactly the same as 'Web pages', however there is one important difference. The page title or the 'title tag' is only picked up for each gallery item when you click-through on the thumbnail photograph. In other words, each 'click-through' is a web page in its own right and therefore it can have its own unique keyword phrases in the page title.

The great news is that this means you can have a completely different mix of keyword phrases for each gallery item. Once again, limit your page titles to around 6-10 words per web page.


2. Gallery 'Main text'
Once again, we will try to avoid the repeating information which has already been presented in the 'Web pages' section.

At, each gallery item has 'Intro text' and 'Main text'. The 'Intro text' sits next to the thumbnail photograph or graphic and the 'Main text' sits next to the click-through photograph or graphic.

The important point here is to load your gallery item 'Main text' with keyword phrases. As mentioned previously, your keyword density should be approximately 10%, or roughly 10 keywords in the form of keyword phrases for every 100 words.


3. Gallery 'Alt text'
At, we provide you with a field for your photo gallery alt text information, making this aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) very user-friendly and simple for you.

If it is appropriate to do so, and you feel it will help users of your website, you should consider loading your photo gallery alt text descriptions with keyword phrases.

Search Engine Tip
It is our view that you should consider using a slightly different mix of keywords (when compared with your gallery 'Page title' and gallery 'Main text') in your alt text, in order to avoid over-loading your web page withh too many keywords, because over-loading can in fact be counter-productive.



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